Why choose us?

We aim to ensure a stress-free process. With signage, as with many other business investments, initial cost may not reflect long-term value.

A properly designed sign can effectively communicate and motivate for many years. Real value, then, is not so much a function of low initial cost, but of quality. We insist on utilising only the highest quality materials and engineering techniques in our manufacturing process.

The nature of sign manufacturing is deadline based. Continual communications with our clients throughout the sign project and systems of project chronology ensure a smooth process. We are high performance service orientated. Our staff members are professionals in their respective fields and competence is expected at every level. Planning and engineering every project with professional staff who knows what to focus on during the initial planning stages of a brief will make decisions making easy for our clients.

Upon receiving a sign concept Sign Image’s designs, develops conceptual drawings for initial review with the customer.

Samples of materials and colours are submitted for review. Our design and manufacturing team meets with the customer’s representatives to discuss all aspects of the sign from cost to durability. A prototype can be manufactured for a national rollout.

During a site visit we record all information; we take digital photographs that allow us to super- impose the proposed signage/ graphics onto the image. This ensures our clients have a clear understanding of what the end result will be and that we have interpreted the brief correctly. On these visits we take into consideration, public liability, stability of the structure/building, we explore the best positioning opportunities, visibility, and influence of existing signage. We aim to offer the best and most cost effective branding solution.

Full colour digital renderings are produced, supported by computer generated technical drawings and full technical specifications, enabling the customer to submit detailed proposals to the franchisor, landlord and architect.

Sign Image is active in your entire signage program. With special arrangement we can assist with local authority approval. Sign Image has successfully completed many national roll-outs. We have daily meetings with our rigging project managers, and factory management team to ensure a free flow of information. We update information into our project management system Teamworks daily to drive our manufacturing and installation teams. Our focus is to ensure that customer requirements are achieved and all projects are tracked from start to completion. Clients can get access to our project management system and get updated information on work in progress.

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Maintenance and fault reporting.

Sign Image recognises the analogy of the investment in signage and that of a motor vehicle.

Both require maintenance for longevity. We strive to excel in all spheres of our industry and offer a comprehensive maintenance programme with exceptional service levels.

We encourage all our clients to maintain their signage. Professionally serviced, on a regular basis will prolong the life expectancy of signage and will ensures that corporate identity standards are maintained and present a good image in the market place at all times.

  • Cleaning

  • Servicing

  • Repairs

  • Illumination evaluation

  • Reporting